Open Tuesday-Sunday, 9 p.m.-til.

The Eagle is upstairs from the Phoenix bar. Pull up a barstool or stretch your legs and rest your drink on one of our rails while you enjoy the sights and sounds.

We invented "Bar Light" at the Eagle. We always keep the lights down low. Leave your cell phone in your pocket or at home. We enforce a very strict no cell phone policy upstairs. 

Sunday is Jock Sunday. Enjoy Happy Hour prices if you're wearing a jock (or singlet. We're suckers for a singlet). If we can't see the jock, you're not wearing a jock.  We have a wide variety of jocks from Andrew Christian, Cellblock 13, Colt, Maskulo,Nasty Pig, and Timoteo in our store COK downstairs if you need one.  And get a little inspiration from our Tumblr postings every Sunday (Warning: our Tumblr is very, very NSFW). 

Note: The Eagle is not a place to bring your girlfriends.