Saturday / Special appearance from Xavier MTW

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Appearing tonight at the Phoenix:

Xander Spade (Damon Dogg's Cum Factory, BBRTS,, also known as Xavier MTW, is a multimedia artist from San Francisco whose work body of work focuses on queerness, gender, and sexuality and emphasizes a message that is pro-sex, focusing on harm reduction and greater communication to battle destructive forces that continue to affect LGBTQI people, including transphobia, misogyny, and HIV stigma. A painter since age fifteen and an escort since his freshman year of college, Xavier's work explores ideas about sex, gender, politics, HIV, and geography. He has recently finished his first book, All-American Whore: Sex, Life, and the Great American Landscape and is hoping to have it edited, polished and ready by July of this year.

The current unedited version of the book is available to the public until Thanksgiving, free of charge- feedback is highly welcomed and encouraged.


The rest of his work, including his Frameline 38 Film Festival film, "So X" (NSFW) (2014) is available through his website,


Your tip dollars tonight will go towards helping fund the final leg of his cross-country trip, a cocktail or two, and a pack of Camel Crush cigarettes.


Xavier is single, HIV positive, and is an unashamed slut. 

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