Saints Game Day: WHO DAT!

All right, Saints fans. Yes, it looks dire. Yes, it looks like it's gonna be a long season. BUT THIS IS THE FALCONS. And we don't let those dirty birds win in our Dome. Hell no! If you're not going to the game, come watch the game with us! We'll have Wayne's Frito Pie, chili and Eric is ready to serve you lots and lots of cheap drinks. Kickoff is at 7:25 tonight!  David opens the door to the Eagle at 9 ... perfect time for some halftime fun upstairs!

Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat $2, Kraken Rum $3. And for the whole month of October, Jameson Caskmates for $5. Bulleit and Sazerac Rye for $3. Cherry Piehole $1.

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