SATURDAY, July 11: Bingo with the Big Easy Sisters, the Southern Decadence Grand Marshals and #HEATSTROKE with BOOMER BANKS!

Join us for a special night with The Big Easy Sisters and the Southern Decadence Grand Marshals. All funds raised will go to Foods For Friends.

  • $1 per game; $5 for all six games
  • Auction for items from Skyy Vodka
  • 50/50 raffle
  • $2 Jager Spice Shots  (all proceeds go to the Southern Decadence Grand Marshals)
  • $4 Skyy Flavors
  • Boomer Banks will be a guest caller, and the winner of his game gets a life size replica of his assets! Other Guest callers will be the Grand Marshals and the Big Easy Sisters.
  • The Lords of Leather will host a beer bust during the event, from 7 to 10, with proceeds going to Southern Decadence.

Boomer takes the stage for #Heatstroke after Bingo! 

The Lords of Leather will host another beer bust from 10 to midnight. 

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