Wednesday, July 15

It's hump day!  The weekend will be here before you know it. We have another action-packed weekend of fun planned for you. We finally get to meet the sexy Rikk York, who will be here as part of our sizzling Heatstroke summer series.  He'll be on stage Friday through Sunday. Make sure you plan to be here for Saturday night's Mr. Renegade Bear Contest, the annual event held by the Renegade Bears of Louisiana, to find our city's best bear! This playful contest begins at 10 p.m.  If you're interested in entering, see any downstairs bartender for an application, or grab one at the Renegades' Friday beer bust. You can also get one from Duaine via email, at During the contest, the Renegades will draw the winning raffle ticket for two spots on a King Arthur float  during Carnival next year. Tickets are still available.

Today's specials:  $3 Guinness and Shock Top Banana; $2 Jager Spice and $5 Glenlivet. 

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