Saturday: Bingo and beer bust

Get ready to have fun tonight with Big Easy Sister and NOLA Leather to Geau!

The Sisters bring back bingo tonight at 7 p.m. Get your free square! Then stick around for a special beer bust with the folks from NOLA Leather to Geaux. From their Facebook event page:

"Come out have some fun with the guys putting together a leather weekend in NOLA! We are having a beer bust just to give you a taste of what our upcoming weekend will be like. The beer bust will be following The Big Easy Sister Bingo. Beer bust is $10 but come dressed in your leather or gear and get it for $5! We will also have some Jell-O shots for ya to consume also! Come hang out and get any information you may want about NOLA Leather to Geaux which is just around the corner!"

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