Phoenix will stop ordering Trump-backing Yuengling, Coors Light

Press release
For Immediate Release
Oct. 27, 2016

Phoenix pulling Yuengling, Coors Light after brewers pledge support to presidential candidate Donald Trump

NEW ORLEANS -- The Phoenix bar announced today that it will stop ordering Yuengling and Coors beers in light of the brewers’ support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“At the Phoenix, we will not carry products from companies that support a candidate whose campaign is built on a foundation of hate,” said owner Clint Taylor. “Starting today, because of their support of Donald Trump, we will no longer order Yuengling and Coors beers at the Phoenix.”

Richard “Dick” Yuengling, owner of Pennsylvania-based brewery Yuengling, pledged his support to Trump’s son, Eric, during a tour earlier this week. Pete Coors, head of MillerCoors, cohosted a $10,000 per plate fundraiser for Trump in Colorado in July.  

Taylor calls on other bars to join the Phoenix’s boycott on Yuengling and Coors. “We hope the other bars in New Orleans will team with us to show these breweries that if they support a candidate like Trump who doesn't support us, we won’t support the breweries.”

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