Friday: Heatstroke with Alessio and Canelo!

This sexy couple keeps Heatstroke HOT! 

This sexy couple keeps Heatstroke HOT! 

We've been waiting and waiting for these two. Come out tonight for our hottest night yet of #Heatstroke! The incredibly sexy duo of Alessio and Canelo take the stage tonight for the first of three hot hot hot nights. Get a sneak peek of what you'll see during the Lords of Leather Decadent Behavior party! If you want a little taste of what you're going to see (some are NSFW to whet your appetite), click here. Alessio's Twitter is also full of hot links and photos and check him out on Rentboy and if you need to work out some of that tension, hit him up on Manworks.

The Renegade Bears of Louisiana have tonight's beer bust.  For just $10, enjoy all-you-can-drink beer or soda from 9 to midnight. Eric is ready with all the draft beer, craft beer and cocktails you can handle downstairs. Lee opens the Eagle at 9.  DJ Prism has the music!

Check out all of our clearance items — now 50% off — inside COK. Todd mans the store from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. 

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